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Summer timetable - August 2017

Please click below for our current groupwork timetable:

Pen Green Groupwork Programme


The Groupwork Programme at Pen Green and Kingswood offers families a wide range of activities, courses and support. Some groups are for you to come to with your children, others are just for adults.  We can often provide a crèche for your child/children depending on the group you wish to attend.  Crèche places are limited so if you would like a place, please speak to the group leader.

Who Can Attend Groups?


All groups at Pen Green and Kingswood are open to all families living in the local community. We define our community as:


  • all households in Northamptonshire County Council designated postcodes

  • the streets and postcodes that have historically been part of each centre's local community

  • all families attending our nursery, early years provision and after school club


Families living beyond our designated community area are also encouraged to attend their local children's centre.


What Groups Are Right for Me?

Values and Context


A groupwork methodology has been seen by Pen Green Centre as an effective way of meeting the needs of the local community. From a small number of groups that began in 1983, we have developed a comprehensive programme to meet the identified needs of families in Corby.  These needs have been identified through dialogue with parents and other professionals, as well as regular review and evaluation of the programme three times a year.


Our groupwork programme can be seen as offering 3 main elements:


  • Education
  • Support and therapy
  • Parent and child activity groups


The values or principles that underpin the Groupwork Programme are:


  • Groups arise in response to community needs
  • A working relationship between workers and families needs to be based upon reciprocity where a sense of belonging is fostered
  • The importance of understanding people’s learning journey is crucial
  • Learning is through self-discovery not imparting knowledge
  • To provide equal access we need to understand the barriers that exist to accessing services and actively address those issues
  • Parents have a right to work at the level they want and within their own time framework
  • Reflexivity


In order to fulfil these values and offer families with a high quality of service, we provide group leaders with:


  • Regular training
  • Support and supervision
  • Review and evaluation
  • Group leaders from different disciplines and agencies to provide the skills and knowledge to meet the wide range of needs of families

The Pen Green Centre for Children and their Families offers outstanding integrated early years services and education for the families of Corby.