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The Governing Body


School governors are members of their school's governing body, known as a 'corporate body'. A corporate body has a legal identity that is separate from its members and as a result, individual governors are generally protected from personal liability as a result of the governing body's decisions and actions provided they act honestly, reasonably and in good faith.


Individual governors have no power or right to act on behalf of the governing body except where the whole governing body has delegated a specific function


School governors are drawn from different parts of the community and can be parents and staff or from the LA, the community and other groups.



Governor Responsibilities


The Governing Body is responsible for all of the decisions made at the centre. It ratifies all policies and procedures and has general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. Its responsibilities include but are not limited to:


•          setting targets for pupil achievement

•          managing the school's finances

•          making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based

•          appointing staff

•          reviewing staff performance and pay


The Governing Body meets regularly, at least once per term. When a governor has served their term or has resigned, elections are held to appoint a new governor.  Election information is displayed in the centre as and when vacancies arise.

Committee Structures


Updated 4th May 2017

Teaching, Learning and Play Committee

Chair: Maureen Thomas

Angela Prodger

Tracy Gallagher

Cllr Jean Addison

Joanne Armstrong

Hannah Howe

Annette Cummings


Integrated Services: Family Support, Safeguarding & Extended Services Committee

Chair: Sian Owen

Tracy Gallagher

Cllr Bob Scott

Maureen Thomas

Sandra Mole

Chris O’Neil

Donna Gallagher

Kate Wilde

Denise Brennan


Finance, Personnel and Resources Committee

Chair: Joanne Armstrong

Angela Prodger

Tracy Gallagher

Cllr Jean Addison

Cllr Bob Scott

Adam Cooper

Sian Owen

Maria Palazzo


Sub Working Group: Premises & Health and Safety

(this group reports into the Finance, Personnel and Resources Committee)

Chair: Vacant

Angela Prodger

Tracy Gallagher

Joanne Armstrong

Cllr Bob Scott

Nina Watson

Debbie Townsend

Chris Stone

Maria Palazzo

Pen Green Governing Body Structure

Pen Green Governing Body Structure 1
Pen Green Governing Body Structure 2

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