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Family Support at Pen Green

Family Support at Pen Green


We offer families in Corby a wide range of groups, activities and family support services. We can support families from pregnancy (antenatal), right through to when your child starts primary school.


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Family support at Pen Green can take many forms, including but not limited to: 



Depending on circumstances, some carers will be offered 1:1 counselling session with a qualified counsellor. This is a chance to discuss and consider your feelings in complete confidence. We can offer a crèche place for this service.


Drop-in Spaces

We have two drop-in spaces at Pen Green, The Family Room and Adult Infant Drop-in. Led by members of the Family Support Team both spaces provide support for families in a pedagogically appropriate environment for children. 


Please click here for further information on our drop-in spaces.


Early Help

Every family goes through challenging times at some point. Early help means working with you and your family so that small problems don’t become big problems.


The Early Help Assessment tool (EHA) is a simple way to help identify the needs of children and families and make a plan to meet those needs. It is a shared tool which can be used by all agencies in Northamptonshire who are delivering early help. Its purpose is to provide a co-ordinated response so no-one misses out on the support they may need. Families can self refer for early help or be supported through the referral process by a practitioner such as a health visitor, midwife or family worker.

Early Help - A Guide for Parents and Carers.

Please click here for more information on the EHA.


Family Visiting

Visiting families in their own home is one of the ways we can provide consistent support to families. We may be doing so to encourage a new family to come and use our facilities. We may be visiting a family who are unable to leave their home. Some staff are asked to visit families regularly to monitor their progress and safety. Sometimes if we have not seen a family for a few days or weeks we may pop out to see them at home to make sure everyone is doing ok. We have policies and training in place to ensure visits are conducted safely for staff and families. If we are unable to meet families at home, it is also possible to meet privately in the centre.


Groupwork Programme

The Pen Green Groupwork Programme is a comprehensive range of activities and support groups for families. As well as fun activities for carers and children, we also offer specialist support services including:


  • Maternal health support groups (GAP and Great Expectations)
  • Infant mental health services
  • Targeted groups for carers facing specific challenges such as domestic violence


Please click here for group descriptions and our current timetable.


Nurture Group

Nurture Group is a referral service for a small number of local families facing complexities. The Nurture Team work with all members of the family to provide emotional and practical support. Workers support children through secure attachment, increasing their confidence and raising their self esteem. This enables the child to develop their own sense of self, and to successfully access the range of play and social opportunities available to them in nursery.


Nurture workers also support the emotional needs of carers. They work alongside parents as they access other services available to them, and by encouraging them to take a proactive role in their child's learning and development at home and in nursery.

The Pen Green Centre for Children and their Families offers outstanding integrated early years services and education for the families of Corby.