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Behaviour strategies

Behaviour as communication


We work hard at Pen Green to pay close attention to the promotion of a kind and caring environment. We promote an atmosphere of respect and consideration. Adults are respectful of children and each other. We actively encourage the children to show kindness and respect to their peers and the adults. We support children to know their views count and that we value the views of others. We encourage children to talk about their feelings and think about how we support the feelings of others. We promote an environment that helps children to understand their own behaviour and that of others.


Children’s angry behaviour can sometimes create problems for other children and the adults who are engaging with them. We have to remember that through all their behaviours children are trying to communicate with those around them. At Pen Green we are concerned with children who seem to be sad and withdrawn as we are with children who are challenging us.


What we want is for all our children to be feisty children; capable and competent when engaging in relationships with other children and the adults in their lives.


At Pen Green, our behaviour policy recognises the need for adults to intervene and support children in times of conflict. This is done in a respectful and supportive way that promotes learning for all of the children involved.  If an incident occurred, where physical intervention was taken for the purpose of averting immediate physical or emotional danger, staff would make a written record and inform the parents on the same day or as soon as reasonably practical.


For more details on our approach to managing behaviour, as well as our official behaviour policy, please click to access our 'Learning and Development Requirements' policy document.


If required, senior staff will meet staff to discuss any concerns and offer advice and strategies for supporting a child in the setting.  Our assistant head, Annette Cummings, is the named person in the centre for any serious concerns about children’s behaviour.


Workers employed in the setting will never use physical punishment, nor will they threaten to use it. Staff will promote an environment of mutual respect and appreciation for others.


If a worker speaks to a child regarding their behaviour, their parents will always be informed of the incident and the outcome. If a child is hurt in the setting by another child, the parents of both children will be informed. An explanation of the incident will be given whilst maintaining anonymity of the other children who were involved.


A Behaviour Strategy document is talked through with parents on initial home visits and/or during settling in. A copy of the document is given to the parents.


During home visits, daily chats and open evenings we encourage parents to share any concerns they have about their child’s behaviour. We then plan together how best to support the child, ensuring a consistent approach at home and in the setting

The Pen Green Centre for Children and their Families offers outstanding integrated early years services and education for the families of Corby.